I want to ask question from Prime Minister, President and Chief Justice of Pakistan why not a single TARGET KILLERS yet punished which I heard. One law enforces department claim arrest of TARGET KILLERS but why not real way punished for which those people deserve.

If suppose those who are responsible to give punishment if do favor or not interested to punished the TARGET KILLERS do you think that you peoples can skip from God punishment which is im-possible

I do not understand why you people protecting and hiding facts and witness when case is proceeding in any COURT due to lack of evidence or witness Judge usually give benefit of doubt and release the culprits even knew he involved in murder of many innocents.

What you people get when protecting any target killers to be hanged or send him behind the bar, definitely so benefits that reasons not a single killers yet punished. Same way police always failed to arrest the real culprits and never courage to come across but never miss a single opportunity to free the innocents whom they arrested on false charges and later send behind the bar if any time release they take a handsome bribe

If you head or superior do not ask you what you are doing or miss-using the power than you think you can do anything wrong or right but understand my message that you people never skip from God example punishment and all people are collective involve in crime those who protecting, hiding or financing the TARGET KILLERS for any sort of benefits.

I must say no law to apply for TARGET KILLERS but all laws available for innocents peoples? Due to the lack of LAW & ORDER situation in entire country business community suffers a lot but our leaders and responsible always busy in their busy selfish lifes how to become rich and famous too? Pakistan is only country where give full freedom cum protection to TARGET KILLERS which is mini “heaven”? That reasons not a single killers yet hanged or face real punishment.

When end killing innocents Shia’s and whose instruction all killing done due to fear that Heaven is HOUSEFULL that reasons quickest way to reach heaven by killing Shia’s and getting 70 hurs ( this ugly and foolish theme is given by uneducated TALBAN). These people real destination is hell and remain forever along with their favor and supporters.

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )