I want to ask question from those people who usually have a very bad habit for spitting in street, road, walls no matter damage the wall beauty.

I do not saw any one who dare to spit in own bed room or office because they realized this property belongs to them that reasons they want to keep neat and clean but why destroy the beauty of other places.

Who gave you authority of permission for spitting on streets, roads and walls. You ever saw any ANIMAL spit ON roads or streets than why being HUMAN BEINGS you are doing which is very dis-appointment and painful.

I must say those people who are always habit for spitting due to lack of education and still un-civilized are worst than ANIMALS.

If you are real gentle person than make a promise do not spit on public places, streets or roads which give a bad image of our country nothing else. If you love own country ( Pakistan ) than please stop SPITING.

If any one who is educated, matured plus civilized than Stop spitting habit on immediate basis which is hazards for others and totally a bad habit which many peoples do not like and strong hated but no courage to tell their friends or well wishers which is too hurting and painful.

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )