I want to ask question from all chicken TRADERS and Government Department why EGG prices always high in Winter season as production become half or consumption become double as compare to summer season.

More regret and hurting our Govt department always remain silent and never want to check what prices traders are charging from customer no matter making double profits.

I strong oppose egg prices high rates in Winter specially all people usually have prefer to use egg but our greedy and selfish traders always increased the prices of egg during winter but same type of egg prices down in Summer?

I request to Govt. Authority to form a price fixing committee in each city and those traders who are over charging immediate basis fine and punishment so entire system will be filter.

I must say one thing those traders who adopt a wrong practice for earning double money by “black marketing” or “abnormal profits” BOTH are consider as HARRAM ( ill-legal ) according to view point of Islam? If you are true Muslim followers than make a practice for getting normal profits instead of double profts?

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )