I want to ask question from KESC Chief Executive why so long load shedding design for our area of Soldier Bazar No.2, even surrounding most of building have KESC power supply but shock why our area always select for long hours load shedding on Wednesday 16, 2011 begins from 2 PM and last upto 10 PM

Realized those who have no alternative arrangement such as UPS or Generator force to stay in totally darkness and those who are elderly person and infants how they are facing problems. Even I normal person can’t stay for light so long hours than those who are patient facing additional torture and tension from KESC

KESC department most favorite jobs which they do not forget to perform

1. Conduct load shedding according to their wish not a pre-schedule time table to all area of Karachi

2. Never realized to attend the complain on timely but learn how they can waste precious time and perhaps happy to see people in troubles

3. During last 3 years power traffic scale almost more than double but they still awaiting how to increase more and more.

KESC management or chief Executive never ask for information or record how many hours for single day or weekly basis load shedding KESC conducted so they realized these load shedding are genuine or doing extra load shedding.

When KESC people tell load shedding due to fault than why they take so lengthy hours to first detect the fault and repair, which proof they are so lazy, careless people working with KESC those are called BLACK SHEEP.

KESC never make excuse or apologize with the consumer for conducting load shedding even long hours, this is not first time we face load shedding of 8 Hrs on 16-11-2011 before we face load shedding for lengthy hours say 10 Hrs and 24 hrs but they are shameless people,

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )