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Thread: Why beauty soap, shampoo ads with Glamour girls to promote?

  1. Why beauty soap, shampoo ads with Glamour girls to promote?

    I want to ask question from Pakistan Advertising Association and Religious Minister why we display Glamour girl ( normally not covered her full body ) when a company advertise for soap, shampoo or allied products.

    Even I saw any company who want to sale Oil, Ghee, Cell Company, Banks, Shoes or Slippers their commercial ads can’t complete without a Glamour girl and music or song. Which means their products have no attraction that reasons choosing the alternative approach to making publicity why a GAMLOUR GIRL to trap the consumers.

    Iran and Pakistan both claim they are Islamic Republic countries but I do not saw a single commercial ads in Iran where they have a Glamour girl not wearing the cloth, I am proud of their womens in commercial ads they observing “Hijab”. Even our Pakistani womens not using “dupta” as out dated or copying Indian media what they are doing?

    See the difference of 2 Islamic countries by verbally calling one can’t become a true Muslims followers or Muslims country unless fulfill all Islamic requirement with heart and soul. Otherwise your reach to “heaven” become a sweet dream not more than that?

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

  2. Re: Why beauty soap, shampoo ads with Glamour girls to promote?

    Excellent question! Man also can perform this advirtisments but most of companies use girls for advirtisment due to attraction i think these products belongs to girls so thats why adveriser use female models for this purpose. Many online shops also use girls picture for his advirtisment on internet and you also use pic of girl in your thread. why???

  3. Re: Why beauty soap, shampoo ads with Glamour girls to promote?

    baat to sach hai per baat ha ruswai ki.

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