I want to ask question for KESC – CEO and entire management what pleasure or self satisfaction you people getting to conducting un-schedule load shedding in our area of SOLDIER BAZAR No.2, Karachi now new tactic is for conducting load shedding due to transformer fault.

Shameless people all are do not under how people can stay in total darkness from 9.30 AM and power restore at 6.45 PM. (total duration of load shedding 9.15 Hours) which is too much. KESC consider us dead or animal which do not required electricity or from Stone Age. This long hours load shedding happened twice in the month of Nov 2011 last time on Nov 16, 2011 (from 2 PM to 10 PM = 8 hours )

Even you people realized those who have no alternative arrangement how face difficulties for them to manage and stay in without electricity long hours especially for elderly or infants or women’s how manage to stay without electricity. When KESC grown up and realized own responsibilities and trying to solve own people problems and not make habit for hiding or ignore complain.

I asked a simple question from all concern authority of KESC including CEO how you people treatment or give punishment to ill-legal users how many hours load shedding KESC product

When KESC achieve target to conduct load shedding in 48 hours in a single day of (24 hours) which is not impossible but slightly difficult to achieve. Which speed KESC conducting load shedding one day cross the above limit of conducting load shedding of 48 hours which days are not too far away?

Why KESC management always lately realized to remove the fault and what will be end of this sick unit, I pray to God send all dis-honest, careless and ir-responsible staff those who are working with KESC are consider the BLACK SHEEP deserve to go one place HELL.

I feel much regret and dis-appointment when my email is blocked not by KESC – CEO but entire higher management in this regard I learned one thing with is truth if any consumer send complain email to KESC – CEO or its management than if second email in future than his email address is perhaps blocked as in my case, I am very ordinary person but why KESC – CEO and their management afraid from me and no courage to reply or attend my complain.

KESC you doing too much in name of load shedding and on return sending us heavy electricity bills which is totally injustice, why NEPRA or higher authority silent in this issue which means they are equally involve in this crime and expecting from God a punishment with silent stick?

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )