I do want to asked question from Interior Minister, Chief Minister, Chief Justice of Pakistan who gave authority or permission to killing innocent youth scout Shia-e-Ali from Sipah-e-Sahab Pakistan who is true followers of YAZADI and deserve by calling (Lahnat) forever and countless till JUDGEMENT DAY. Any one asked from these mad and brainless which Islam they follow and whose instruction they follow to killing innocent Shia-e-Ali which takes not only takes them to hell but those who are supporting, financing and satisfaction with SSP with their performance.

Why our Police and law enforce people yet not catch the killer of SSP who is played holi of killing many innocent Shia-e-Ali which give a message do more killing as you wish but no question or punishment will be awarded if any case you are arrested.

I must condemn and strong protest to Government to take immediate action against those who are killers and hiding in nearby mosque in Numaish to save their pig life’s after killing 2 to 3 Shia-e-Ali. Minimum punishment hangs at Numiash Chowranghi all killers so in future no one dare to kill any innocent.

I must say for Sipah-e-Sahab have backing from invisible hands and Government silence but think when they die than after death same protocol or facility how you people provide them.

I must pray to God to destroy all activities of SSP and their organization head and those who are giving instruction and give no spare time, give a VVVIP place in hell for which they deserve and eagerly hell is waiting for them to welcome.

Our City police famous due to not catching or punishing the real culprits or killers but always remain hungry and eager how to catch innocent in false crime and send them to bar and get hand some bribe

In which part of country law exist and how injustice and crushing justice system if any person want to see example watch Pakistan condition where full freedom of terrorists activities but never ye single killers punished?

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )