How ban on DOUBLE SAWARI help to catch the culprits
I was shocked and very dis-appointment to got news that in Karachi once against DOUBLE SAWARI banned before starts of Muharram and till the end of 12th Muharram to take precaution steps by Govt to crush any type of terrorist’s activities.

But these banned on DOUBLE SAWARI only apply and enforce to common public but law enforce ( Ranger, Polices & Security Staff ) are suppose to be exempted. What a country which have all the times 2 laws.

First for to apply on common public and if anyone caught in DOUBLE SAWARI heavy fine and punishment IMPOSED.

Second common public laws never apply to LAW ENFORCE Department and more painful even their relative and friends can travel in double sawari and no one interested to stop and questioned them?

Request to IG Police asked question how our city Police performing duty with Great Spirit and honestly to see who from common public using DOUBLE SAWARI but if they do the job with same interest and sprit than no crime exits or remain in the city.

Police always reach the crime spot after the criminals left the place. The delay reaching the incident spot always goes in favor of our innocent Police we reach late that reasons have no information who are the criminals and request from public if you have any information than please passed us so we can catch the culprits and punished.

Keeping in mind God presence and tell honestly our City Police how many wanted criminals or terrorists killers they have arrested and later give example punishment and fine. No doubt thousand time heard news criminals or target killers are arrested but why not give punishment?

I strong oppose ALWAYS banned DOUBLE SAWARI and request to Chief Minister including Home Department of Sind immediate basis lift the banned on DOUBLE SAWARI which is simple joke and totally miss-using the power which is too shameful but those who are responsible never realized what mistake they people are doing and whom they are answerable. Normally who using daily basis bike facing problems specially when going to work places, outing, worship or shopping can used double SAWARI due to banned? In short when Govt lift this banned and how many times Govt plan to re-impose which is totally not doing JUSTICE.

DOUBLE SAWARI banned is not less than “BLACK LAW” Frequently imposed for common public but never imposed for law enforcement staffs?

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )