KHYBER AGENCY - Lauding extension of Political Parties Order to Fata, speakers at a seminar demanded of the government to completely abolish the FCR.
Tribal political leaders, civil society and NGO activities expressed these views in a daylong seminar held here in Shinwari Model College under the auspices of a local NGO. They said the Pakistani rulers deliberately ignored to give the tribesmen their constitutional and democratic rights under the black laws of FCR. They urged the tribal people to take part in positive political activities to create awareness so that Fata could be driven on the path of democracy.
ANP, Khyber Agency, President Shah Hussein Shinwari said the Frontier Crime Regulations was based on inhuman regulations imposed by the British rulers for their own interests. He termed FCR as the jangle laws and demanded its forthwith abolishment. The Fata should be merged into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, as the resources of tribal areas were meagre and there was a lack of competent political leadership, Shinwari observed. He urged the political parties in Fata to get united for the rights of the tribal people to utilise the opportunity.
Jamaat-e-Islami Landikotal Ameer Banaras Shinwari asked the government to avoid double standards with regard to the development and social justice in Fata, saying that the Civil Power Regulations was worse than FCR, which had empowered the military for any action against the people. The JI leader stressed upon the creation of a new province for Fata.