London: Babies are being born addicted to sugar because their mothers eat too much during pregnancy.
The infants are being forced on to sugary drips just hours after birth to counter withdrawal symptoms.
Experts have warned that women who develop diabetes while pregnant, or become pregnant while overweight, put the long-term health of their children at risk. Not only do they run the risk of having big babies, their infants may be born ‘addicted' to sugar.
Almost half of British women of childbearing age are overweight and more than 15 per cent of mothers-to-be are obese, a report by EU statistics agency Eurostat said recently.
Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists spokesman Patrick O'Brien said babies exposed to huge amounts of sugar in the womb continued to make large amounts of insulin after birth.
Both mother and child are also at a higher risk of developing full-blown diabetes in later life.

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