I want to drawn the attention of FOREIGN & PRIME MINISTER OF Pakistan why relation between Pakistan and India not improving that reasons India makes visa policy more and more difficult for Pakistani citizen

Some of PROBLEMS which only apply for Pakistani citizen faced who want to visit India

1.Visa can only apply for any 3 citizens which you have got own relative correct address
2.Reporting to CID office on every arrival or departure for inter cities visit or come or return to home ( Pakistan )
3.Only visa facilities available in Islamabad Indian Consulate but Karachi Indian consulate which has been closed more than 10 years and no Govt seem not interested to re-open it
4.When a Pakistani enter in CID office for reporting he has to oblige the officer to get done work smoothly and without any objection

My some suggestion

1.Visa restriction for only 3 cities should be waived and Pakistani can visit to any city of his wish even no relative are living that place
2.Visa should be get without reporting system to CID
3.Open Karachi Indian Consultant to give more facility to the people from Sind

The reporting system for only apply to Pakistani citizen which itself more hurting and painful when other foreigner from USA, UK, Bangladesh, UAE etc came to India than no such formalities apply (for reporting in CID office ) which means we are PAKITANI second grade citizen or Indian Govt intentionally made this system to far away the difference

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )