Name: Asma Jhanghir
Occupation: President, Supreme court Bar association
Picture Description:
1) In the top-left, Miss Asma Jhanghir is accepting a memoir from the former Governor of Indian province Gujrat who slaughtered Hundreds of Thousands of muslims in 2002. he is very well known for having links with extremist hindu organizations.
2) In top-right, Miss Asma Jhanghir is posing like hindus infront of a portrait of Mohandas Gandhi.
3) In the bottom, Miss Asma Jhanghir is seen enjoying a sitting with Bal Thakrey.
no description needed for Bal Thakrey!
4) Please note that in all the picture, Miss Asma is dressed completely in orange which is a holy color of hindus and also present in the flag of India.

1) Miss Asma is the one who is always against Pakistan Army and ISI and spit her venom every now and then. Recently , she called for resignation of DG ISI in this critical period when the country is at the verge of war.
2) She is defending the trecheary of Hussain Haqqani in the ongoing memogate case in Supreme Court.


It should be clear now that whose interests she is serving!