I want to draw the attention to PTA, Information Minister that now a days cell phone is become very important and no one can’t live without it but parallel some of hazards and mis-uses of cell phone which irk the consumers

1. Sending abuse or shameless sms
2. Giving miss called
3. Issuing illegal SIM on other CNIC

I must say ever single message can delivered to the consumers but reach via the concern cell phone company, all cell company can motoring all message without any difference or hesitation. When they come across any cell users sending abuse or shameless SMS, further continue to give un-wanted Miss call which definitely irk the consumers than why the cell company or PTA remain silence and do not take a positive steps to curb who is miss-using the facility.

I must say all cell company in our country always eager how to promote their services package and increase number of customers than in this situation cell company even not interested to take any notice or action against the cell phone users when they 100% sure miss using the facility by sending ABUSE or SHAMELESS sms which means cell company one learn how to earn money but never wish to control or eliminate the trend of to punish the consumers who busy in sending wrong type of sms which disturbing the consumers especially female of our society.

Any central type complain centre to be establish in each province and those who receiving un-wanted SMS belongs to abuse or shameless or frequent giving miss called lodge complain and give the cell no of those who giving miss called or SMS, than entire responsibility of the concern authority how to take any action and protect the consumers.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )