ISLAMABAD: A nine-member bench of the Supreme Court (SC) headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry is hearing the Memogate scandal case here Wednesday, Geo News reported.

The court has asked former ambassador Husain Haqqani’s counsel Asma Jehangir to complete her arguments today.

During the hearing, Asma Jehangir said memo case is not related to fundamental rights present in the constitution. She said if it is assumed that Haqqani is related to the issue, even then it comes under s criminal case.

Jehangir, in her arguments, also said if Haqqani faces the charges of writing the memo, then the case should be filed against the president as her client is only being used as a victim.

The Chief Justice in his remarks said that the president has not submitted his reply nor rebutted the presence of the memo while the prime minister and army chief accepted the memo as a reality.

The CJ asked that if Husain Haqqani is a patriot then why he was dragged in the case.