Pakistan's consumer price index (CPI) rose 9.75 percent in December from a year earlier, the Federal Bureau of Statistics said on Monday.

CPI was down 0.70 percent over November.

An expert said, "Adequate food supply and higher base resulted in low
inflation and we believe that the full year average CPI to remain below the government's target of 12 percent."

Another analyzed it as:"The decline month on month is mainly due to a steep decline in food prices, however going forward inflation is likely to start creeping up again."

The main commodities prices that rose in December were: eggs (6.84 percent), wheat (2.88 percent) and fish (2.62 percent).

The main commodities prices that decreased in the month were: Onions (27.60 percent), potatoes (22.14 percent), and sugar (17.44 percent).

The wholesale index decreased 1.3 percent from as compared to November.

Average inflation from July to December 2011/12 fiscal year rose 10.87 percent from July to December 2010/11 fiscal year. (Reuters)