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Thread: Why I should vote Imran Khan and should not?

  1. Why I should vote Imran Khan and should not?

    Trust me, I never wrote a column, or never written anything politics in my whole life. I belong to the vast majority that even doesn’t cast their votes. I especially belong to that class which only educate themselves to earn a suitable job.

    The topic is I am discussing, is the topic of most important nature. That’s why I request to all Imran Khan Lovers, and all those who dislike him, please read this full, as this may be an eye opener.

    There is a possibility that some of you don’t agree with my observation, or my writing. I just request you all that at least read this with patience.

    As we should respect other’s opinion. As a Pakistani citizen we are witnessing signs of a big change. Like every other Pakistani, I also want change, but I have certain questions in my mind, for which I want answers from my readers.

    Reason, change in Pakistan always comes with a very high price. The first change was brought by Ameer-ul-Momineen Zia-ul-haq. 2nd biggest change was brought by Mr. Pervaiz Musharraf in the name of “Sab say phelay Pakistan”. The results of both of these changes are very clear to our nation now. God forbid that one time more, this new change will hurt our nation badly.

    Imran Khan the only sensible Politician

    The only sensible politician seems to be Mr. Imran Khan. You can watch him on talk shows. He talks straight and always talks good, which is hard to find in other politicians.

    That’s the reason, that I myself believe that Imran Khan is the true leader. Within few weeks, the way he become victorious, is exemplary. It’s like a tsunami.

    Karachi successful event is the witness. Inshallah Imran Khan will bring the revolution in this country.

    But with this, it also raises few questions in my mind, as with the slogan “Change”, in past whatever has been promised didn’t comes true. Even it results worst. Nation always welcome anyone who stands with a good slogan, but the end we all know that what happens with us in past.

    So these are few of my observation, and questions. You have the right to agree or disagree.

    But either any change happens or not, always have this thing in your mind that all these changes are always linked with international situation and international politics. It’s not just a local change, because, this change will definitely have an impact to this region, and whole world.

    Criticizing Nawaz Sharif in Lahore, but not criticizing Altaf Hussain in Karachi? Why?

    In Lahore event, 80% of the Imran Khan speech was criticizing Nawaz Sharif. However not a single word about Mr. Altaf Hussain.

    In fact if you follow Imran Khan from start of his politics career till 2, 3 months back, his 80% criticism was on Altaf Hussain. But what happen in recent 2, 3 months, that the most disloyal person is no more a disloyal. Even before 3 months, Imran Khan even doesn’t criticize 10 % to Imran Khan compared to Altaf Hussain. So why there is a change in policy?

    When asked, the reason provided was that we don’t want to engulf ourselves with too many enemies, and we want to collaborate others.

    If this is the case, then why there is double standard in case of Nawaz Sharif? Why this policy is with only Mr. Nawaz Sharif? Few columnists raise the same questions in past days, especially after Karachi event.

    Why Imran Khan is in the interest of Big Powers?

    U.S is preoccupied with lot of crises, especially financial crises. Just few days back, they returned their army from Iraq. Within U.S. there is huge Wall Street movement going on, and U.S want to control it financial crises.

    Pakistan is one of the main allies of war of terror for U.S. And U.S provides handsome aid against it. U.S wants a Pakistani Government, who in the name of pride will stand up and reject this with honor. This is like that if you work in a company, and at the month end, you go to boss room, and shout him on some reason that “I don’t want your salary as well”. Even you don’t know that the scenario was developed by your boss, so you say it all from your own. So U.S want a Pakistan Government, which stand up and with dignity reject U.S aid, even when its justified.

    For this, there is a leader required, who should have a big fan following, and the leader himself portray himself as an Islamic person, who wish to develop an Islamic welfare state.

    It looks like that Imran Khan could be an ideal person for this job. And when he will come into power, he will announce this with pride. And our simple nation will get one more reason to love our beloved leader Imran Khan.

    Three Ex-foreign Ministers at one place

    To reject U.S aid, it is not a simple thing. For this, 3 foreign ministers have been installed at one place. The senior foreign minister like Sardar Asif Ali, who was also behind the foundations of Taliban. Taliban started their formalization in this era.

    It’s amazing that why, there was no talk on Sardar Asif corruption, as his corruption is known to everyone. Just 2, 3 days back from Karachi event, an honest politician and now important PTI leader, Mr. Azam Sawati in a program with Faisal Qureshi was talking on Sardar Asif Corruption. Probably he was not aware that after his talk, and within 2, 3 days Asif Ali will join PTI.

    Now when Sardar Asif Ali has joined party, he becomes innocent. He is no more a corrupt leader.

    Then mash Allah our 2nd foreign minister is respected Khurshid Kausori. Every single individual know him very well. He owns the maximum credit in draggling Pakistan to this stage. Amazingly he was at the stage, where innocent masses was raising slogan for Afia. Even this corrupt man can be declared as an innocent person, as he has joined PTI.

    You can, but one of his crimes cannot be forgotten easily. He has the honor of becoming the only most senior Government official who met Israeli foreign minister in his own era. And that meeting was not something unofficial. It was declared as an official meeting. This is the event of its unique kind.

    With good hopes, Imran Khan was welcoming this person in his party. Probably Imran Khan doesn’t know this much detail. Or probably Kausari can help Imran Khan in establishing channels with them, as these channels will help a lot in taking endorsement from the big brother.

    Few links are atement+by+FM+Shalom+after+meeting+with+Pakistan+F M+Kasuri+1-Sep-2005.htm

    Third foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, you all know him very well.

    This is not something very usual that these all three have been installed now at one place. Change which is required now, needs relations, channels, and brains, so they can again do their best in making Pakistan name worst. They alone did that much best, now you can imagine that how much larger impact they 3 can do.

    Are we independent enough to make our decisions?

    What do you think, that are we that much independent that we can make our decision. We can select or elect whom we want? If you agree, that you deserved to be fooled.

    How is this possible, that you admit your son in an engineering college, and then you ask him to become a doctor? It’s difficult to digest.

    Anyway I don’t think that anything happen in this world happens without a reason. Especially when that thing is related to a country, even not only country, related to region. It is not possible that these kinds of things can be happened without the interest of big powers.

    How is this possible that Imran Khan went to England to study politics? And it was not sure that he has to become a politician or not.

    Cricket and other social work groom his personality, and now when he is prepared, he is into right field, for which was he prepared. It is not a plain thing, especially when after he becomes the prime minister of Pakistan, a country which is of much importance for the greater powers.

    Cricket, shokat khanam hospital, and then failed 15 years of politics are good enough to groom his politics now, and now he sit on a horse, which changes the whole situation in just few weeks. People ask “what is establishment”? My fellows this is establishment. I will be amazed if they even don’t recognize this. This is establishment that just 5 months back, Imran khan was not able to gathered 1,000 people in green town Karachi.

    But within few months 100,000s. Establishment doesn’t do anything directly, it creates a feasible environment, turn down the wickets, and then nation is ready to welcome the savior. Nation even wants this. They do some Facebook post, write some twitter and max they attend event, and they think that they perform their duty. And if someone doubt on their savior, that victims declared as a disloyal.

    I was also big fan of Imran Khan, but if he has to do what others are doing, then what’s the difference. Does anyone have a doubt on Azam Swati corruption, why he was invited to join PTI, and so as other big list of LOTAS, which corruption is quite clear.

    When asked same question, Kaptan replied and relates this with the starting days of Islam, that when lot of people accept Islam and join the movement. Does Islam stop all those? So why PTI should stop them now?

    But whoever accepts and joins Islam recite the Kalma, and he first rejects the entire false GOD, and then accepts the right one.

    But does the same practice now followed by those who joined PTI? Did they reject those false GOD, did they say anything that what they have did wrong? And their crime list is not something easy to digest. Then why not a single one didn’t do this and PTI is ready to welcome all those.

    So how we can accept that as they join PTI, they become innocent.

    It’s clear, that noting works out in last 15 years then start doing same old tactics. Then why the slogan of “CHANGE”?

    Only talks or any work?

    I will do this, I will do that. We will finish corruption. We will e-government. We will bring dignity for Pakistani passport. We will finish unemployment. We will end poverty and illiteracy.

    From last 15 years, talks and talks, not a single implementation. If question, usually received a reply, that he was a good captain, he establish Shokat Khanam hospital.

    Please for God sake, running a country is not like running hospital or a cricket team. If it is like that every hospital owner should be given a chance. Should we give everyone a chance?

    At what cost? If you want to judge anyone, his past and present is good enough, and both of these things of Imran Khan are good enough to judge him now.

    Are they democratic within themselves?

    PTI is now 15 years old. I still remember a talk show of 2003, or 2004, probably Hamid Mir question on this that PTI always criticize on PML, PPP, MQM on democracy within organization. What about PTI?

    Imran Khan replied that they will do the elections and reforms.

    It’s almost 15 years of PTI, but you will not found any elective committee or any formal procedures. Yes you can find the constitution, policies, but no implementation.

    How we can accept that when Imran Khan will come in power, he will bring democracy, even when he failed to implement a system within a small organization, how he can be successful to implement this at whole country level.

    When Shah Mahmood Qureshi joined, he was awarded a big designation. There has to be some procedure, policy.

    When asked about this, Imran Khan replied that Shah Mahmood was the most senior politician. If this is the criteria, then Javaid Hashmi should be given far better designation, and so as other who joined with seniority, like Azam Sawati and Sardar Asif Ali.

    It’s too sad, that all those leaders who stand with Imran Khan from last 15 years are no more on front line. Most of them left, and others will leave.

    This is again like that those who have power, name, fame will be in front line, and those who don’t will be sideline. If this is the case, then why the slogan of “CHANGE”?

    Ehdi Imran Khan Scandal

    Just tell me one thing that is there is any doubt on Ehdi personality. Ehdi is among one of the most respectable personalities in Pakistan. Whole life, he has practical work, no talks.

    Now watch yourself that what Kaptan wants to do with him, why he threatens him, how Imran Khan in the hands of establishment wants to use Ehdi.

    But for GOD say, after watching this video, don’t say bad words to Ehdi, because lot of Imran Khan Lovers uses bad words for him just because of this.

    You might think that I belong to any political party or not. So in that case I just want to make this clear, that I am like you, the common man. The only thing which urges me to write that whenever we heard this slogan “CHANGE” something big happens.

    First time, it was Ameer-ul-momieen General Zia ul haq, then “Sab say phelay Pakistan” by General Musharaf. Results are in front of you.

    It’s quite amazing that at Musharraf time, every other person was his fan. His Facebook profile was the most like page at that time. But now as results are in front of us, so we can better understand.

    Now one more time, big powers want to play a big game for Pakistan, and for that they might not trust the used politician. Though these used politician are also bad. But when anyone comes with the BIG slogan and by the help of establishment, we witness that he bring the worst for Pakistan. And we have witnessed 2 times before. And we will do once more time.

    There is no doubt that Imran Khan will be the next prime minister of Pakistan. But I want these things to bring in front of you, so you can have a point of view, which TV cannot show, and newspaper cannot write.

    A common Pakistani

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    Re: Why I should vote Imran Khan and should not?

    one can agree with some of your questions and might with your opinion which u r trying to make but a very big question if we will not support imran khan (who is seems to be the best of the lot) than whom we should support.



    yes i agree with you that some corrupt people joined him but time will tell if he is also become corrupt with then or not. we need to see to whom he will give tickets.

    and never the less if awam can give him respect and popularity they can take it back also.

    one thing which always distinguish him from other that what he given to the country.


    name any other politician how have done any thing regarding this. even after looting a lot. so we should give him some points of benefit. and if some body is thinking is an american agent and america is planing him then what about all of our politicians. they belongs to same category.

    Allah Safe Pakistan..

  3. Re: Why I should vote Imran Khan and should not?

    i am not writing in any IK favour. but still need to clear some points.

    you said imran khan did not say any thing regarding MQM in Karachi Jalsa

    i think we people are still beliveing in those polticians who are just playing blame game and do nothing. all of our previous and current govt required their support so why no body blame on them. did you ever ask form karachi people what is their views about MQM regardless we people always tag them as terriost.
    regarding critisizm on nawaz sharif i think IK did not say any thing in the karachi jalsa except to reply some of NS questions.

    if you remeber last year PMLN also hold meetings with MQM to disqualify assembly.

    the best part with Imran khan compaign that youth is taking part strongly which is the good sign for pakistani politics.

    regarding some old and corrupt leaders joining IK and all the parties are mentioning this point in their favour we should know that if these politicians join PMLN or PPPP no body give a dam. what about PMLQ old leaders all are in PMLN & PPP.

    so we should be realistic we can not getsuddenly 100% clean people. as they are also from us and we know where we r standing now i do not have any ambiguity after listening every day news

    so hope so we will not look towards an ideal bunch of politicians at least a bunch who some how listen to awam also and execute their propmises which they done with this nation.

  4. Re: Why I should vote Imran Khan and should not?

    well.. ur analysis is good but i would like to draw yur attention to the point tht as a nation we are passing through tough times and the need of the hour is of a leader, and keeping it in mind we should be aware that at this point we can expect only a leader not a perfect leader. imran khan is new in politics and he wants strength at this point so if he is welcoming those corrupt politicians, there is nothing wrong in it. we should keep in mind tht those politicans which you have mentioned are strong enough to take seats in their respective areas even without the name of PTI.
    CHANGE.. although always brought many things with it but due to this we cant stop desiring for it. we actually forget that we dont have to change the system only but we also have to change ourselves. chnage is not brought by one person. everybody has to contibute fr a good change and i hope tht this time nation will help imran khan in this.
    and imran khan and edhi issue.. well i am very well aware with shaukat khanam hospital and blv me tht they are really doing their bst and are providing very good treatment free of cost to the poor and the point of imran khan at the time of dengue issue that they cant decrease the price of tests was absolutely right coz shukat khnam is an institute tht runs on the income obtained thru their diagnostic labs. so i dont blame THE person for this.
    he targets nawaz sharif more: yes coz punjab is the province with largest population and here the main competent is PMLN ad he doesn't target much altaf hussain because he is not in a position to open battles at various fields at a time . secondly altaf hussain as such is not giving him competition for the seat as PPP is the main party in competition in sindh..
    we, the youth are with imran khan not becaue he is perfect but we are with him coz we dont want others.. nd this is wat our nation wants. running a country is not like running a hospital and cricket team bt who says that a cricketer or an amdinistrator cant run a country?? we should just hope for the best and leave the rst to ALLAH ALMIGHTY. jahan hum ne itne logon ko chance dia hai wahan ye bhi sai .

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    Re: Why I should vote Imran Khan and should not?

    Namra you are right .. we should change ourselves first then talk about others. we dont pay tax and we use wrong means to handle the matters and think that we r over smart but we forget that this thing harms alot to our country..

    i dont know what change imran khan will bring in the country but i know that he should given a chance and we wish that he will perform...

    Allah Safe Pakistan..

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