I do not understand why LEA’S Law Enforce Agencies act like innocent and they do not knew about who is target killers and where is their hideout places. If LEA’s duty preference changed instead of common citizen life’s they should protect but now a day’s criminal if not caught or punished which means it is totally negligence of LEA’S department.

I must say our City Police not lose a single opportunity to miss the innocent and never courage to chase or catch the real culprits and later send him behind the bar to face real punishment.

Become sick to hear news millions times that our LEA’S caught the “target killers” but for what reasons they are not punished when a solid evidence and witness laying inpite of these if any one shelter the criminal he is not performing duty but do something else.

I was more shocked and hurting when through reliable source when mercy appeal was rejected by the concern court than for what reasons they are awaiting or delay to give example punishment to these criminal the minimum punishment which is Hanged when they killed many innocent what is reasons behind in all killings.

But sorry to say not single terrorists yet punished even his crime not hidden but such thing destroying the peace of our country that reasons due to lack of LAW & ORDER situation our businessmen community SUFFERS a lot. Those who lost life’s on account of target killing who will look after his immediate families and compensation amount should be given to his family which I suggest not less than 1.0 Million ( Ten Laces ). This compensation is not enough and thinks about their kids who are going to school, college and try to fit any Govt job which they deserve without giving any single obligations to any authority.

If suppose any criminals do not get his punishment the reasons behind some high level Govt official or policitan whose support extended for the target killers, I simply ask question did all of you criminals and all those black sheep ( who supporting and protecting target killers ) when you eyes closed ( when dead ) that time which authority will extend support and help to skip from God punishment.

Perhaps none have power or strength ( who can claim ) that he can skip from God punishment if any one claims that he is more powerful simply do one thing skip from death angle or convey message that you are not a common and I will stay in this world forever

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )