I am shocked and dis-appoint to read news that over 60 Millions was looted from 19 branches of 9 Private Banks during this year in this regard no robber has been arrest.

Growing robbiers alarming to banking industry besides this itself a big question marked on LEA’s department but more painful they are still clueless. Might be robber get all technical information where the DVR recording system AND how they system would by destroyed to robber bank in saver and tension free.

I give simple formula if any bank robber first questioned from the concern Police Station and put pressure to get back bank robbery money and identity the robber and give him example punishment, Sorry to say only LAW exists to the extent of text books or studies but no way enforce that reasons always criminal people make robberies tension free.

State Banks also give it suggestion to all commercial banks how to control and curb the bank robbers so banking industry run tension free business in Karachi.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )