OGRA increases petrol price by Rs4.37/liter, notification issued

OGRA has issued notification to increase the prices of petroleum products. Petrol price has been increased by Rs4.37 per liter while HOBC price has been increased by Rs4.93 per liter.
Light diesel price has been increased by Rs5.25 per liter while kerosene oil has been surged by Rs 4.76 per liter. Petrol’s new price would be Rs66 per liter while HOBC would be sold at Rs 80.52 per liter. Kerosene oil price has reached at Rs66.63 per liter while light diesel would be available at Rs60.22 per liter.

New prices of petroleum products would be applicable from December 1, 2009. Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has issued the notification after the review of petroleum prices.

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