LONDON: Amir Khan's promoter said on Saturday the WBA had informed him it will order a rematch with American Lamont Peterson following the British boxer's controversial defeat on a split decision in their world title fight in Washington last month.

Khan, who lost his WBA super-lightweight and IBF light-welterweight crowns, had questioned the appearance of a mystery man at ringside with the 25-year-old's camp accusing him of "interfering" with the scorecards belonging to the judges.

"We have been informed today by the WBA that they will order a rematch," Golden Boy Promotions chief executive Richard Schaefer told Sky Sports News. He also said the unidentified man was an IBF official named Mustafa Ameen.

The WBA was not immediately available to comment but its vice-president Gilberto Jesus Mendoza said on Friday there should be a rematch.

"You have to guarantee fairness, you have to guarantee that no one who isn't directly involved can sit at the table," said Mendoza.

Khan posted a number of messages on Twitter on Thursday and highlighted footage from the fight in which a man in a black hat can be seen next to WBA supervisor Michael Welsh.

The man then appears to reach across in front of Welsh. The British boxer's camp allege that it was at this point that the man interfered with the scorecards.


"The mystery man in the black wool hat has a name - his name is Mustafa Ameen," Schaefer told Sky Sports News.

"The IBF have confirmed to us his name and confirmed that he is involved in an official capacity with the IBF.

"However, as stated earlier, he was not in Washington in an official IBF capacity. We have been informed today (Saturday) by the WBA that they will order an immediate rematch.

"We received verbal confirmation today and we will get a written confirmation by next Tuesday.

"That means that neither fighter can take an interim fight, that the next fight for Peterson would be a rematch."

"We sure hope that the IBF will follow because that's the least they can do. The ruling of the WBA to order an immediate rematch should put additional pressures on the IBF."

Schaefer is also optimistic that the result of the fight will be changed to "no contest", which would allow Khan to retain his belts, but added: "It's difficult to guess the no-contest ruling. I certainly hope this could happen".

Khan's camp had already lodged an appeal against the result with a decision expected later this month. The IBF has declined to comment until after the Jan. 18 appeal hearing. (Reuters)