LAHORE: PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif said on Sunday there was no room for dictatorship in the country and politicians would have to show political maturity to strengthen democracy.

"Political parties are the asset of the country and symbol of national unity while dictators played the game of dividing them and creating parties of their choice to prolong their rule," he said while talking to legislators and office-bearers of his party from various districts at his residence.

He said dictatorships not only damaged democratic process but also put national unity and solidarity at stake.

He said his party would play active role for making Pakistan a dignified and prosperous country.

"We will make Pakistan a country where ratio of progress is much more, youths have job opportunities besides creating conducive atmosphere for local and foreign investment," he added.

Sharif said had the democratic process not been hindered in 1999 and development projects of that era had continued, the Pakistan would have become tiger of Asia in real sense today.

The PML-N chief urged them to have close liasion with the people of their respective constituencies and resolve their problems on priority.