MULTAN: Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) leadership and workers had distributed sweets upon hearing news of his ailment, former PML-N stalwart Javed Hashmi, said while addressing a ceremony in Multan.

He said that I as he fought with death, some party members distributed sweets on hearing that I had suffered a brain haemorrhage attack on me.

Hashmi, who has on numerous occasions blamed the government of Punjab for neglecting his constituency, said that despite funds allocated to Multan, close to Rs1.2 billion had been reallocated from Multan for development projects in Lahore and upper Punjab.

Hashmi was of the view that this move had not only increased the grievances PML (N) workers but had further strengthened the perceived notion of discrimination by Punjab government against the people of south Punjab. “Me and my MPA can hold the seats and can easily earn Rs5 million annually, but I immediately rejected this facility in a second.”

He said that the PML (N) leadership had made four promises of development of Multan including, the construction of agricultural college, engineering university, women and medical university. However, the government had failed to keep its promises.

“I had personally informed Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani and Punjab chief minister Shehbaz Sharif about reservations of the people of the south Punjab but the focus for both is more towards consolidating their governments than addressing the reservations of the people,” Hashmi complained.

The prosperity of Pakistan today needs the accountability of all corrupt leaders and PTI will ensure that. They will give back all money of the people of Pakistan which they had snatched through corruption.

Talking about the relations with United States, he said that they needed to have peaceful relations with Pakistan on the basis of equality and respect for sovereignty. “We will destroy any country including United States for attacking the sovereignty of our country,” said Hashmi.

In a rendition of Gilani, Hashmi said that relations with other countries would be made on the basis of mutual trust and respect for citizens of each nation.