KARACHI - Former president and All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) chairman General (r) Pervez Musharraf has announced that he would be return to the country by Jan 30.
Addressing through video-conference his party’s first public meeting near Mazara-i-Quaid on Sunday, he told some 7,000 attendants that he would reach Karachi sometime from January 27 to 30. Musharraf said he was not scared of anything and framing of fake cases won’t stop him from returning to Pakistan. “This is not a tsunami but an earthquake,” he said about the APML meeting.
The former president asserted that he did well during his tenure and wants to come back and serve the people of Pakistan again. “I know how to take Pakistan out of the current crises,” he said. “I can and I will make Pakistan progress, strengthen its armed forces and fix the economy.”
Musharraf announced to contest the general elections of the country from Chitral district saying that the notables of the area had offered him to contest from Chitral and I accepted their offer. He requested the people to help him come back to power and support APML as much as they can. He claimed of having support of all ethnic groups of Pakistan and said he was in favour of a separate Hazara province.
Musharraf said in his innings he scored a century, adding that he should not be compared with those who scored a duck or those who were yet to play an innings. “I ran Pakistan successfully for ten years, and took the country towards prosperity.”
Referring to the prevailing economical situation and bad condition of national institutions, Pervez Musharraf said that today trains are being closed down, the PIA is in shambles, and foreign borrowing is on the rise, the institutions are at odds. He said the people are disappointed in these circumstances.
Describing the achievements of his government, the former General-President said that all utility services were available at cheaper rates; trains used to leave on time, foreign investments was coming to the country, overseas Pakistani’s were returning home and investing in the country, and people felt proud of calling themselves Pakistanis. “We said ‘good bye’ to IMF and World Bank and broke the ‘bagging bowl’.”
Referring the massive development in Karachi, He mentioned projects of Lyari Express Way and Northern Bypass initiated during his rule in Karachi and praised MQM’s Ishratul Ebad and Mustafa Kamal.
He said the first thing he did after coming to power in the area development was that he issued order in 1999 for the renovation of Mazar-i-Quaid.
Speaking about allegations levelled against him regarding Balochistan and Akbar Bugti’s death in a military operation, the former president dismissed it as a conspiracy against him. He added that he respected his Baloch brothers and that certain people wanted to portray him as an enemy of the Baloch people. Musharraf said that if one were to ask the people of Dera Bugti about who re-established them, they would acknowledge his efforts.
Musharraf applauded the participations of Bengalis and Behari community people in APML meeting and said that he issued the CNIC to Benaglis living in Karachi for last 40 years in Pakistan. APML leaders Ahmed Raza Kasuri, Pervez Ali Shah, Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif, Brigadier (r) Haris and others leaders also addressed the meeting.
Political observers say Musharraf’s support for diplomatic relations with Israel has damaged his popularity and that was the prime reason of the relatively thin presence of participants in the APML meeting.

The Nation