MULTAN - Dubbing the PPP as a symbol of Federation and constitution, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani warned on Sunday that any attempt to weaken this party will tantamount to weakening the country, and reiterated his commitment to accomplish party’s martyred leaders’ mission of people’s empowerment.
Only PPP has a strong present in all parts the federation and roots in the masses, he said. “We have presence in all provinces and a federal as well as constitutional party is imperative for the defence of the country,” he remarked while addressing a public gathering in Khanpur Marral area. The function was organised by local PPP workers to celebrate 84th birthday of PPP founder Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.
“King’s parties always vanish with the kings,” he said, adding that PPP was the largest national political party of the country and it had no threat from any king’s party. It was PPP’s popularity that paved the way for party’s victory with comfortable majority in recent AJK elections, he added.
Gilani said that Shaheed Zulfikar Bhutto gave constitution to the country and made its defence impregnable by successfully launching nuclear programme. Shaheed Benazir Bhutto further strengthened the country’s defence by adding missile technology to our defence arsenal, he added.
The present PPP government restored the constitution and reinstated the judges. “But still we’re blamed of not abiding by the constitution and disrespecting the judiciary… It is ridiculous.“ He said that PPP government was moving forward in accordance with the constitution and added that those accusing us of not adhering to constitution were actually misleading the people.
He said that the PPP would rule the country until it possessed public support. He claimed that the government faced multiple difficulties as numerous conspiracies were hatched against it. “But we faced and foiled these conspiracies with the support of the people and our allies,” he added.
The prime minister claimed that the government would bring about the solution to prevailing electricity and gas crises in next few months. “We’ll offer relief to the masses very soon. We’re working hard to get the people rid of power crisis,” he added.
He said that the government gave autonomy to the provinces and added that Seraiki province would also be set up to end the sense of deprivation of the people of this area. Commenting on the accusations of government’s opponents that it was exploiting Saraiki province issue for political gains and that the rulers were not sincere with this cause, he categorically declared that the government would soon give an assembly to the residents of this region. “I ask those who are levelling such allegations that what path should we adopt. Should we launch any movement or adopt constitutional way?” he posed a question. He said that PPP always adopted constitutional method to achieve its goals as this party firmly believed in this sacred document.
Recalling Bhutto era, he said that he was the first Pakistani leader who gave self respect to the common citizen and turned masses into real source of power. “That’s why today all political stalwarts come to your doorstep to seek vote,” he added. He said that PPP was the party of martyrs as its foundations were constructed with the blood of its leaders. He asserted that the existing leadership of PPP would keep loyal to the blood of martyrs.
Earlier, prime minister’s son Ali Moosa Gilani, former provincial minister Rai Mansab Ali, Habib Ullah and Shakir Hussain Shakir also addressed the gathering. Later on, the premier and others cut the cake.