By Raja Zahid A Khanzada

HOUSTON, Texas: A meeting called by Pakistani expatriates to facilitate former president Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf’s return to Pakistan this month ended in a fiasco.

Only 8 people, who seemed to be at odds all the time, attended the meeting held at a local hotel in Houston.

According to details the All Pakistan Muslim League USA central committee member Javed Siddiqui along with two other members toured Houston and invited expatriates to a hotel in this regard.

The meeting was hosted to recruit and prepare list of people willing to go with Musharraf to Pakistan.

The meeting was also held to raise funds for buses rentals to bring people from far-flung areas of Pakistan on the proposed arrival and organize a grand rally in Karachi.

But to Musharraf party leaders’ surprise, out of thousands of Pakistanis living in Houston only 8 people showed up at the venue only to splash sarcasm at each other.

Anyways, Javed Siddiqui informed the scarce audience that APML was preparing the list of people willing to go to Pakistan with Pervez Musharraf. For that they would have to buy their own ticket up to Dubai but the party would pay for Dubai-Karachi-Dubai roundtrip along with food/lodging, he added. He further said that they had plans to fetch people from far off places in Pakistan for which buses need to be arranged. He said the cost of the rentals would be around $250 per bus.

He appealed for funds to pay for the arrangements.

However, only two out of thousands of Pakistanis living in Houston offered APML leaders to counted them in for the venture.