Dr. ADIB RIZVI matchless achievement
I want to share regarding how Dr. Abid Rizvi who runs SIUT Karachi become renowned not in Pakistan but worldwide due to his continues struggle towards SIUT so every patient get treatment with dignity FREE OF COST. SIUT would continue to serve the humanity irrespective of caste, creed and faith.

Suit IS consider blessing for those who canít afford the cost on transplantation, dialyses and other treatment, where all this treatment free of cost.

On celebrating 40 years of SIUT I want to highlight a few important services

  1. Conducting 700 dialyses every day
  2. Conducting 12 Kidney transplantation operation per week
  3. Serving food for patient those who admitted at SIUT for treatment
  4. Giving medicine free of cost
  5. Doctor conducting OPD

Please follow the example of Dr. Adib Rizvi who is head of SIUT, KARACHI how he is sincere and devoted for poor patients and give treatment without any race or reference are the real face of God Angles in human beings, God give me a long life and keep him and his all honest, sincere staff from all worries and problems so they can do more work for poor patients.

Now I request to human beings no matter belong to any caste Ė race or faith please donate to SIUT ( to strong DR. ADIB RIZVI hands and cause) if you want to do some good deeds than do not delay for this noble cause.

Anyone can donate SIUT and do not feel shy when you giving a small amount but GOD is seeing your faith, anyone who can help to support those patient attend coming from interior SIND or PUNJAB for treatment canít afford to sleep in hotel but force to stay in ROAD. If anyone have doubt please make a surprise visit and realized the truth, please do arrange Lunch and Dinner for them if you canít afford to stay in hotel or any rented place.

Why other govt hospital condition worst where patient force to buy medicine from own source and treatment condition is very poor but no one keep check and balance ( where the GOVT amount miss used and no action against the responsible which is too hurting and painful)

This year SIUT needs s2.5 billion to keep the largest centre of urology, G.I. and oncology and transplantation alive, healthy & moving forward that reason please help us AGAIN.

In last I request to all politics PARTY leaders including members of NATIONAL ASSEMBLY or Provisional Assembly or Senate Members when you sick or need to get routine checkup why you people do not go own Govt hospital, but always preferred for going abroad, what is benefit or secret behind it any one disclose to the entire nation.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )