Sub : non-stop MISS CALLS continue from STRANGER & PTA act as silent observer
I want to address PTA why I specially select for receiving SMS/MISS CALLS & CALLS from stranger and what is his intention or reason for doing this evil work to give message he is more powerful and courage to do this all WRONG things & PTA canít stop or punish him which is more painful & dis-appointment.

All of sudden a series of SMS / MISS CALLS & CALLS begins from very cell nos when I approach to PTA & CPLC than SMS & CALLS stop. But non Ė stop MISS calls receiving odds times and no courage to talk with me.

1st time call received cell Nos

1. 0305 4353830
2. 0300 0727406
3. 0302 3080950

2nd time call received cell Nos

1. 0345 2798909
2. 0300 0727406
3. 0333 9194055
4. 0323 5557595

After that I received miss calls from the following cell nos
3rd time ( recent call received cell Nos)
1. 0321 8573926
2. 0301 8477055
3. 0331 1375351
4. 0302 3080950
5. 0333 9194055 ( repeated cell no)

More interesting to share when PTA forward my complain to UFONE & JAZZ than what they did in order to protect the interest of cell phone user, block these sim or PTA/CPLC warn in future if STRANGER BUSY in giving SMS / MISS CALL / CALLS entire sim issued in his name would be blocked? But look cell numbers no showing interest to protect interest of cell phone users.

I appreciate the efforts by P T A to take immediate action against the STRANGER caller but look he is more powerful & strength that reason using new cell nos for giving MISS CALLS, the secret of giving miss calls PTA must ask stranger miss caller.
I once again request to PTA, CPLC, Governor of sind, Ufone & Jazz to look in this matter and shown you pain in order to get rid of SMS / miss calls & CALLS in future.

The stranger special select me to give torture and disturb from his evil activities of SMS / MISS CALLS & CALLS for what reason? What he ( stranger ) want to proof by giving endless MISS CALLS as he got right to miss use the cell phone from P T A.

The use of cell phone is very common in Pakistan and those who are using proof they are MAD cum ABNORMAL, NO courage to talk directly instead giving MISS CALLS or SMS at odds times when PTA will awake and take notice of this negative thing happening in The Islamic Republic of Pakistan only to protect the interest of cell phone users.

In our country who gave power or right one to MISS USE cell phone than no question or punishment will be awarded? In the holy month of Ramzan remain BUSY in MISS CALLS/sms consider that it is greatest SIN OR GOOD DEEDS to perform.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )