Request to solve problems of SOLDIER BAZAR NO.3 resident
I want to drawn attention of authority KWSB, KARACHI ADMINISTRATION, GOVERNOR OF SIND & IG TRAFFIC POLICE, when our area ( SOLDIER BAZAR NO.3) KARACHI problem will solved and take notice against those whose negligence we are suffering.

  1. Overflow sewerage dirty water
  2. Dormant traffic signal & no traffic police seem performing duty

First I want to drawn attention of KWSB, Karachi Administration & Governor of Sind please take immediate notice of overflow sewerage water gathered which creates problems specially those who walk or ride bike. This overflow sewerage water is due to the negligence of staff or dept who will justify, please instruct your sweeper first to remove the gathered dirty sewerage water and clean the sewerage line so in future sewerage water do not gathered. But when take this bold steps to solve problem only GOD knows, instead of remain neat and clean city / area dept/staff must believe how to do dirty which is too shameful for the concern dept.

Second problem the traffic signal install at SOLDIER BAZAR NO.3 KARACHI remain dormant and not working very soon after install, it look dept install traffic signal for display which never works and plus traffic police never seem to perform duty when traffic jammed due to negligence of citizen do not have patience and wait a while but look in hurry to reach their places. If traffic signal not working than why not concern dept do not take any action or notice which indicate how they are careless in removing the fault, must question from traffic police why not perform duty at SOLIDER BAZAR NO.3 ( ROUND ABOUT ) where often traffic jammed, I have no idea when head of traffic police will awake and take immediate notice.

My humble request to please solve this problem of SOLDIER BAZAR NO.3 KARACHI and do not delay which causing problem for those who are facing and suffered from it.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )