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  1. Hey Everbody

    Salam Everbody,

    My Name is Waqas and I live in the UK .I've been following this page for a long time now. I've been watching my fav programs becuase here we can't see all of them. one of my fav programs are Off the Record with Kashif Abbasi and Hase-be-haal.


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    Re: Hey Everbody

    hello waqas
    welcome to pakdiscussion forum. feel free to talk & share everything here.

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    Re: Hey Everbody

    welcome to pak
    we hope you will share your precious thoughts with other users.

    Allah Safe Pakistan..

  4. Hi friends,
    Kaamil here. I am glad to join this forums.Hope you tell me about something in this forum.

  5. welcome to pakdiscussion forum. we are looking forward for your participation.

  6. Re: Hey Everbody

    Hi, I am new here, thanks to approve my request; Admin

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