When ZEAL PAK share allowed for trading in K S E
Sorry & deep regret to say ZEAL PAK LTD shares trading suspended for trading couple years back still no hope when trading allowed, does my investment got lost or when recover. What is the fault of share holder if the company does not fulfill the requirement of SECP or PAKISTAN STOCK EXCHANGE, than why share holder suffered at end.

It is real TEST time for SECP & Pakistan Stock Exchange how they re-act and safe guard the interest of of small investor and make sincere efforts to re-start the share trading of ZEAL Pak Ltd, I am eager to heard news regarding when trading will allowed.

Request to higher authority of SECP, K S E & CDC to play its original role and make efforts to restore the trading of ZEAL PAK LTD shares so investors amounts not consider as BAD DEBTS or TOTAL LOSS.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )