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Thread: Top 4 Important Things To Check When Buying A Used Car

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    Top 4 Important Things To Check When Buying A Used Car

    Buying a used car in Pakistan can be a frightening experience. A lot of confusions and difficulties are faced throughout the whole process. If you’re thinking about investing in a used car, you’ll need to keep multiple points in mind. You’ll find thousands of cars for sale in Pakistan. However, a lot of people try to hide facts before selling and some sellers can use notorious tactics to get you to buy their cars.

    You must be equipped with relevant knowledge before you go out and start dealing with sellers. Here are some things you should keep in mind before buying a used car in Pakistan:

    1. Aim to Find Individual Sellers:

    When it comes to buying used cars, it’s always better to buy from individual sellers rather than car dealers and companies. A car dealer is a professional who makes a commission from every sale they make. Due to that, it’s always harder to bargain with them than with individual sellers. Moreover, they have their own vested interest at heart so you can never be sure whether they’re being completely honest.
    If you ask around your friends and family, you’re sure to find lots of people who’re looking to sell their cars. With a little bit of effort, you can save yourself money and also make sure what you’re buying is what you’re getting.
    Alternately, you can browse classified advertisement sites such as Becho Online, where you’ll find hundreds of individuals looking to sell their cars at very reasonable prices.

    2. Verification of Documents:

    This is a crucial step that you cannot miss under any circumstances. Before making the purchase, you should always check the registration copy of the car and make sure it’s original and not fake. Match the chassis number, engine number and registration number on the documents and ask for the CNIC of the owner. Also ask the owner for the return file.
    These documents will ensure that you’re not being sold something fake or stolen.

    3. Engine and Machinery Check:

    Checking the engine condition is a must before buying a vehicle. Open the oil lid and accelerate the car in idle mode to check the engine. If smoke comes out of the oil chamber, the engine is not in good condition. Also check the gears and suspension and take the car on a test drive. Do not hesitate to check the shock absorbers as well.

    4. Car Condition:

    Before purchasing a used car, always check the car for cracks, welds, rust or corrosion on the body. Take a close inspection for any sign of scratches. Also make sure to check if it’s been repainted. If only a couple of parts are repainted, that shouldn’t be a problem. However, if the entire car has undergone a paint job, it probably means the car must have been in an accident. In this case, it’s better to avoid it.
    Keep these points in mind when buying a used car and you are sure to make the right decision and avoid scams.
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