Tabinda Naeem: In an interview with VOA Urdu's Tabinda Naeem, Moneeza Hashmi, the General Manager International Affairs of HUM TV Pakistan and daughter of the famous Pakistani poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz, talks about her professional journey as the first ever Pakistani female who reached to the highest possible executive positions in Pakistan's Television History. She acknowledges that Pakistan is facing many problems yet the people of Pakistan are trying hard to break the vicious cycle of extreme and narrow approach to life which she says has been imposed upon them during the consecutive military rules in the country. She says that Pakistanis have no choice but to fight for their individual and collective freedoms and they can achieve this goal by keeping their democratic systems intact. She has high and positive hopes for the future of Pakistan . She says that Pakistani women are on the road to progress in every field of life and if they stay focused and find a balance between their personal and professional challenges, they can achieve the highest possible career successes even in Pakistan.