US strike against SYRIA

I want to drawn attention of Int’l Human Right Commission, UNO, European Union what reason US strike against Syrian airbase violates international law and the American constitution, perhaps got special power to exercise & UNO remain powerless to question the US aggression act which is too hurting and painful.

The cruise missile strike was launched from two US warships on Friday (7 April) in response to a chemical weapon attack in the north-western town of Khan Sheikhoun, the Syrian government has firmly denied any part in the attack. But Trump Govt held Syrian responsible for chemical attack.

This is duty of UNO to make im-partial enquiry about CHEMICAL ATTACK in Syria, search and found facts who devil behind this chemical attack killing many innocent children’s, women ( I read news that 30 member of single family died in this chemical attack which is very regretful and shameful act)

Did UNO gave permission to US to strike with cruise missile SYRIA as a revenge and no question asked who did this devil act only keeping SYRIA responsible is too injustice. When UNO sincere and work for im-partial enquiry I have no idea but every human beings should condemn USA for this aggression act which totally violate USA and International Law.

Only those who responsible, supporters & well wishers for this devil act please wait and see what example punishment all of U will face inshahallah with GOD silent stick after that do not forgot to inform others this unique punishment U faced.

Further more I would to say Russia and Iran say U.S. 'crossed red lines' with strike on Syrian air base” Does UNO exit in this world than why not stopping and punishing the aggressor in positive way.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )