Our traffic police only capable to do CHALAN but regret cant control the traffic

I want to drawn attention of head of traffic what secret our traffic police more eager & wish to do MORE challan which indicate how they mis use the power but failed to control the traffic flow which is too regretful and dis-appointment, higher authority why ignore this particular issue.

It means traffic police know all rules of traffic those who violate but punish those whom they caught otherwise sorry to say many violate traffic rules in front of traffic police but they look helpless or powerless to punishment all of them.

I want to drawn the attention towards head of Traffic Police in the following issue

a. Why traffic signal often remain DORMANT or not working
b. Why no zebra crossing lane, it is out dated in Karachi Pakistan
c. People much happy and eager to break the traffic rules and remain in traffic jammed which is waste of precious time and fuel
d. Why people comes wrong side, single way as no traffic rules observer in city
e. Head of traffic police happy & satisfied with the performance of their staff by numbers of challan made or control the traffic flow ( who justify )
f. In city which country traffic rules followed & observed
g. Why do not strict action taken against MINI BUS driver they running reckless, making stop for passenger without seeing who coming back, horning un necessary
h. Wrong parking or Double Parking cause the traffic jammed
i. Youth teenager riding bike, most of time using riding bike on dashing way or one wheel which is dangerous act, how to control this issue
j. Why U people break RED signal to proof you are un educated never learn to follow and adopt traffic rules which is shameful act

When our Pakistani citizen ever visited UAE, SAUDI ARAB, UK, USA or Europe than do not dare to drive bike or car unless they got licence, their traffic police organize so systematic way that all violaters got TRAFFIC CHALAN ticket (fined ) and do not harsh any people un-necessary as our traffic police doing very well which is not hidden from any common but said their higher management remain silent observer and do not taking any strict action against those BLACK SHEEP.

Plus I want to say those traffic police performing duty and select a place to perform duty near end or start of traffic signal, they always prefer a place where they caught maximum no of riders, no matter doing wrong or correct way challan such specific place of duty award by the head of Traffic Police or their own staff wish.

My suggestion to IG traffic police to observer the traffic flow for 1 week various location and later realized how much traffic rules violate in Karachi

2. I.I.Chundrigar Road
3. Abdullah Haroon Road ( Saddar )
4. Liaquatabad
5. Burns Road/Jama Cloth Mkt
6. Clifton
7. Garden / Rizvi Society

Please depute traffic experts ( foreign / local ) who observer whole day traffic flow atleast 1 week and do not question or stop any one but make evidence video for all those who violate the traffic rules to show evidence to head of department to awake and which helpful department to improve the traffic system.
If traffic police fail to control the traffic flow than what reason getting their salary? When our traffic system will organize and we all people strictly flow the traffic rules being a honest & sincere to our country.

I do not blame this mass happening due to neglience of traffic police but also citizen also responsible for not obeying the traffic rules

Thanking You

Yours sincerely