PSX seeking PUBLIC comments for TPL Life Insurance Ltd

I want to express my point of view regarding PSX SEEKING comments from general public on this particular issue.

I totally oppose pre-bidding process which hurt small investors, fix a price in which offer to GENERAL PUBLIC in the shape of IPO ( skipping pre-bidding process) which will welcome and appreciate by all SMALL INVESTORS.

IPO pre-bidding process first apply for EFERT IPO which came during Dec 2013, later HASCOL IPO came during April 2014, Last IPO of Roshan Package Ltd strike price was Rs.86.25 ( when floor price fixed Rs.35), see how pre-bidding process washout the dream of SMALL INVESTOR to earn profit that reason it should be not encourage in future.

Besides what happen to ASC ( MEAT ONE ) which is flop IPO OFFER at Rs.98 after pre-bidding process not doubt give Bonus twice (first) 35% (second) 15% but current price under Rs.50 which is very painful and hurting the small investor, If my information un-correct than informed me without any delay & hesitation. My dream when ASC ( MEAT ONE) REACH above Rs.80 so I expect recover my investment and earn Profit too.

I request to PSX, SECP to consider my comments kindly do not ignore. If you think my comments have any worth than please informed me for which I remain thankful to you.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )