R U foolish OR clever
I want to express my opinion regarding how to judge FOOLISH or CLEVER people, if any one adopt the basic parameter than easy to judge where he stands

“Definition of STUPID people” knowing where TRUTH lying but more interested to believe lies

1. Knowing the TRUTH
2. Seeing the TRUTH
3. But still believing the LIES

It means people do not want to know the truth where lying but rather more interested to believe the liar.

Such type of people U can find more from EDUCATED and elite class, those who claimed they are not narrow minded people but sorry to say can’t difference between truth and lie which is very shameful act.
Please U check yourself in this above parameter to know U R foolish or Clever human being? Another quality of foolish they always heed to back biting and believing all information correct / true against OWN HONEST and sincerce employee which is too hurting.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )