K ELECTRIC send 3 times over billing received for the month of MAY 2017 by Elderly Widow Lady

I want to forward complain on behalf of MRS SHIRIN BAI A/c No.0400007109887 Elderly Widow lady she on bed last 2 years due to broken legs, see her helpless that husband died 5 years ago and have no children, but she is our neighbor of ZAINABIA HOUSE, Karachi.

When I collect meter reading today ( May 19, 2017 ) showing units 3642 consumed but how it possible K electric showing units consumed 3960 ( May 9, 2017) which show how their staff negligence and careless for getting meter reading, which consider most difficult job for K electric department, I question from K electric ever in history of K electric made excess salary to your staff, if not possible than why you intentionally circulating bill excess for generating additional income by mental TORTURE source, which is born right of K electric?

Normally his Electric bill does not come more than Rs.1,500 if you check the past history which is not hidden from your access, than what reason you billed 385 units consumed during May 2017 and bill Rs. 5,300 which is too much, perhaps due to the negligence of your staff members for getting un correct meter reading and punishing the elderly widow lady is consider one of GOOD DEED for K electric books?

I request to depute some one to check his condition and amend the bill before the due date (May 24, 2017) and deliver to the said elderly widow lady so she can make payment.

Does your staff exempted from question when they collect wrong meter reading or all this happen by whose instruction or wish, I also request to GOVERNOR OF SIND, NEPRA if you are true Muslim followers than without any delay depute your authorize person to see ELDERLY WIDOW condition so you realized or judge I am telling lies or truth?

Please do not keep awaiting and amend the 3 time excess bill for the month of May 2017 without any delay? In future avoid for sending such type of TORTURE in the name of excess billing is too shameful and regretful act for all sort of K electric consumers?

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )