I was shocked, hurt and very dis-appoint to see the egg is selling Rs.120 per dozen which mean single egg cost Rs.10. Shame on all egg traders who are responsible for charging more than double time profits.

Same eggs being sold under Rs. 40 Per Dozen during Summer that time they are not earning profit or doing social activities, Why our Govt authority Silence and do not catch those traders who make practice to cover charge the Customers and why not fix the rates and control the prices by prices Monitoring committee.

If anyone earn profit by abnormal way and perform Hajj or Umra than no Use, perhaps not a single Rupee benefit reach to you expect waste of time, Money and face problems. On return you earn CHEAP popularity is perform Hajj they you called Haji

I must say Karachi is heaven for traders as much as charged profit no Question asked but remember one thing those who are over charging must Ready to pay DOCTORS without any diseases or problems if you make habit to Earn abnormal profits earns and creating problems for specially middle Class.

Due to inflation, lack of law and order situation, un-employment those who Are white collar middle class faces a real problem but they do not share? Current problems or asked anyone help or support but only expect from God To take out not him but entire Muslim community of crisis for which none of Responsible but facing punishment.

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )