I read news regarding DIG Traffic Police of Metropolitan city of KARACHI quoting reference Vehicle Ordinance 89-A those riding Motor Cycle must wear HELMENTS. Got kick back from Helmets traders to sold out old stock on premium rates?

But the concern DIG Traffic Police never want to improve the causes and reasons of traffic jammed, plus careless and speedy driving, How many who MOTOR CYCLIST rider died due to speedy and careless driving by COACHES, TRUCKERS, LONG LOADING CONTAINER & CAR. Only introducing new methods how to give additional problems but not a single drivers who killed innocent bike rider punished in real sense.

Which means they want to sale the HELMETS which are not selling, if these people are honest and sincere to their duties than realized how many people are violating the traffic rules? When start campaign for the below mentioned traffic problems only to improve the traffic flow and educated the all vehicle riders.

1. Cross the Red Signal, not waiting till Green Signal Light
2. Entire in Single way or wrong entry ( considering as born right )
3. Un-necessary horning ( even in traffic jammed )
4. Speedy & Careless Driving
5. Wrong Or Double Parking
6. Bike riding without Silencer ( which become too noisy )
7. Underage / Teenager riding Bike or Car

I strong dis-agree that if any one wear Helmets than he is safe in Karachi traffic where no traffic law exists only making challan or taking bribe from the innocents.

I give suggestion to the DIG Traffic Police to make a surprise visit to the following places especially in evening hours and realized how your officials is performing duties.

a. Abdullah Harron Road
b. Saddar, Empress Market
c. M. A. Jinnah Road
d. I.I.Chundrigar Road

If you any time visit the MOBILE PHONE MARKET than realized first road is half occupy by BIKE both side of shops, More interesting to share this road is single way traffic but traffic flow comes double way? In which VEHICLE ORDINACE LAW you have not taken any notice or ignoring? But only worrying for the use of Helmets?

I often saw Police Officials or their relative travels in triple in BIKE? Any time these people stop by the Traffic Police, First asked for License, Documents and later make challan and they do with the common and innocents?

I want to give suggestion first make all traffic signal working and make alternative arrangement when NO KESC works ( on account of load shedding ), train your traffic police if anyone do violating than do not excused but avoid to doing injustice or miss-using the power, which itself is totally INJUSTICE?

I must say our traffic police which interest they are looking to make challan to earn for themselves and for the department if ONLY 25% interest and sincerity if shown to control the traffic flow, than situation is totally opposite.

If any foreigner watch they blindly pass comments we are still un-civilized ( like ANIMALS ) where no rules and regulations flows? If we flow the traffic rules than first benefits to all us, save of time, fuel and not un-necessary wait in traffic jammed.

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )