I read news regarding 2nd Iranian NECULAR Scientist was killed by a motor bike hit man, Iran accused Israel and American agent behind his killing, Israel warned many mishaps Iran have to see but main reasons behinds all such happening Iran refusal to halt Nuclear programmed work.

In this connection America and WEST impose many banned on Iran, some major stop dealing with Iranian bank and not buying Iranian OIL. On return as a re-action which is natural Iran warned to choke the WEST supply of Gulf Oil, In this connection Gulf countries like UAE, Brahian, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait have no courage to talk or fight with Iran but always seeking Jewish Help. Second best quality of these Arab States to exercise power against those who are weak and un-armed fighting for their basis rights, the best example of Saudi Arab Interference in Brahian to crush anti-Shia movements?

But in the Holy Quran it is clearly mentioned “ Never Jewish become Muslims true friends “ but why Muslims countries still depending help from USA, which act is foolish and against totally against Quran

Past United States face memorial defeats faced from Iran.
1. USA can’t release their 54 hostage during 1979 at the time of Jimmy Carter President and claiming SUPER POWER of the world?
2. Make a atmosphere and smooth condition for Iraq to attack Iran but how bravely Iranian soldier fought for 8 years ( 1980- 1988) that time UNO become silent observer
3. How American Ultra Modern safely captured IN ( Dec 2011 )by Iranian authority which give more surprise and disturb the American authority and later postponed the idea to taken back from Iran for possible any Iranian strike.
4. Shah of Iran force to leave Iran after Iran Revolution in 1979 in spite he got full support of United States but that time United States become helpless and do not give any support to Late Shah of Iran

The heinous acts of American or its agents, Zionist regime ( Israel ) will not disturb our glorious path. The more you will kill us the more our nation will awake.

If United States or WEST think if they make fear to Iranian authority than are mistaken and not realized at present what is Iran strength and power? If any country believes that he is super power than perhaps think more than 10 times if they decided to attack Iran.

Yes to Unity amongst Muslims, No to shia-sunni sectarianism & other tools of enemies & evils, which creates fitna amongst Muslims

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )