u-fone un-authorize deduction of Rs.12.18 dated Jun 17, 17 & PTA remain SILENT observer
More interesting to share how ufone authority hiding and not interested to reply which proof they deduct un authorize amount from the customers credit balance and PTA act like silent observer. I want to share some facts to open eyes of Ufone management, PTA authority and all leading newspaper ( English ) in Pakistan and world over.

I enjoy 603 package of UFONE enjoys to send 10,000 sms within Pakistan which last Jun 20, 2017.
But very surprise how ufone deduct Rs.12.18 which my sms package do not expiry which indicate this is totally un authorize deduction and I want justify to deduction of this amount with evidence otherwise please credit me Rs.12,18 and charges you deduct from credit balance.

This deduction is on instruction of PTA or ufone management/staff wish? How long ufone will active to deduct on sms when I do not use single sms send or call any number on Jun 17, 2017 than why this deduction which is amazing and strange.

Earlier in past I complain several times but ufone feel pain to reply or attend complain, I request to PTA do not delay in reply me and get Jun 17, 2017 ( history from ufone ) how many sms or call I did, which is not a difficult job for ufone to perform.

Ufone please do not become silent observer or speechless I want your reply with evidence how U people deduct Rs.12.18 in the name of SMS on dated Jun 17, 2017.

Sorry to say I send several reminder both to UFONE and PTA both remain silent observer which irking and hurting me, But Ufone never forgotten to send SMS for advance loan due to their policy and when receiving complain than remain speechless.

I must say when PTA will awake and take notice? Does this job is more difficult to perform or PTA look helpless in this particular issue. I request to PTA do not hesitate to ask UFONE for this deduction if they fail to give proper evidence and must give me credit with Rs.12.18 plus tax which you deducted without any delay

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )