Why our traffic police FAIL to control traffic & eager how to do more CHALLANS
I want to highlight the common problem which faced by every citizen of Karachi traffic problems and I still fail to understand why TRAFFIC POLICE never capable to control the traffic flow which proof they are careless or helpless. More interesting to share due to traffic jammed and distance of 20 minutes cover more than 45 minutes with torture and mental pain but the head of dept. never realized this problem how to overcome and educated the citizen.

always remain eager how to do more challan which indicate they are fail to control traffic flow but never feel shameful to miss use their power for doing un necessary challan without the fault or violate.

But they never took immediate steps to control those who are educated or un-educated citizen totally violate the traffic laws and feel proud to break the traffic laws but in front of all these violators only a few punished, what is the secret that not all traffic violators getting punishment.

I must high light the problem due to which traffic canít control and when seem traffic jammed ever person act as hurry to reach destination which is display of madness and when our citizen will be civilized and think to obey the traffic rules which is benefit for all of us.

a. Breaking traffic rules specially not stopping on RED light
b. Un necessary block the road due to wrong or double parking
c. Enter in wrong side or single way road
d. Riding bike on foot path
e. Careless driving by Mini Buses and rickshaw to proof they are taking part in DAKER RACE.
f. Traffic police often disappear or not offer duty where the area traffic jammed
g. Traffic signal often remain dormant or not working
h. Infants or underage driving car or bike without any fear

I request to IG of traffic police why not question from traffic police getting salary why failed to control the traffic flow as they are not capable to control the traffic but very well do challans for own or department benefits.

Why not called the 7 ( seven ) experts from the WEST or FAR EAST or Middle East to review the traffic system and depute them on the following place where often traffic jammed due to negligence of traffic police or citizen never sincere to obey the traffic rules who will justify.

1. M. T. Khan Bridge
2. I.I. Chundrigar Road
3. M.A. Jinnah Road ( Light House to Boultan Market )
4. Burns Road
5. Saddar ( Zainab Market )
6. Nazimabad
7. Liaquatabad

Sorry to say we are paitenceless canít wait for traffic signal maximum 2 Ė 3 minutes but eager to waste time and petrol due to traffic jammed, I do not understand which traffic law introduces in Karachi Pakistan which I never seen when I visited other foreign countries.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

(Ashfaq Sharif)