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Thread: Rain is blessing or CRUSE

  1. Rain is blessing or CRUSE

    Rain is blessing or CRUSE
    I MUST say rain is one of greatest blessing of GOD expect for Karachi citizen due to worst civic system which creates more problems after rainfall which no citizen willing to bear that reason rainfall consider cruse for Karachi city.

    While municipal and provincial authorities in Karachi are making tall claims about their ‘satisfactory job’. It was all due to apathy of rulers and their lack of attention to municipal issues of the metropolis where life crippled after heavy downpour.

    Heavy rain disrupted routine life in Karachi, sending low-lying areas inundated with accumulated rainwater. The ‘educated’ bureaucrats running the city’s administration are sitting comfortably in their offices, indifferent to all the chaos that surrounds them.

    What does the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) do all year round when its only job is to ensure efficient administration in the City of Lights? I must say that negligence of Sindh government and civilian departments has made the rain a curse and source of inconvenience for Karachiites.

    Due to small rainfall which give additional problems for many citizen specially those who rides bike because due to water stay in road, broken roads giving additional problems it all happened due to negligence of all departments who failed to perform their duty honest in which after Karachi paying more than 70% in the shape of revenue to Government getting step mother treatment which is too injustice.

    I request to Chief Minister of Sind and Governor of Sind Karachi why not notice what is the condition of Karachi roads before rain and after 2nd spell of rains those roads condition become more worst and giving more problems for specially those who rides bikes but what Government agree to build roads of good quality instead of inferior quality only waste people tax money.

    I must say rainfall is blessing for entire man kind of this world expect Karachi citizen because we can’t afford the losses after rainfall in the shape of worst sewerage system no working, rain water gathered on roads, broken roads, PTCL line often death due to rainfall and garbage spread on roads which not pick by the department sweepers, if any one see how Government sincere to give benefits to own citizen have look after yesterday ( Jul 19, 2017 ) than realized all their tall claims where considers mis leadings and false?

    Why not Government not asking the concern authority why rain water stay in many areas of Karachi roads after yesterday ( Jul 19, 2017) and sewerage systems is not working that reason rain water stay otherwise disappear from roads and no one face rain water stay on roads, when you people do welfare jobs for betterment of own people lets decide.

    Thanking You

    Yours faithfully

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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    Nice Post Thanks For Sharing


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