MEAT prices

I want to inform what reasons Sindh Government and its concern department such price control committee or commissioner of Karachi always fail to control the prices of meat, this is very difficult job to perform or concern department act as carelessness or powerless to control meat prices.

Recently I bought meat from BURNS ROAD for Rs.950 per KG earlier some time back I bought meat from same shop Rs.860, what is Government control prices introduce and enforce, but very surprise no prices display in the shop.

I request to the concern authority make a surprise visit to know what prices meat being sold in Burns Road and what Government prices introduce which never enforce or encourage by these meat sellers, they how you protect and give benefit to common citizen against those BLACK SHEEP those over charging prices and consider its their born right to exercise.

How the meat prices will comes down or control which is the dream of middle class group and in the inflation name all traders are over charging above the reasonable profit which is too injustice and hurting the middle class group but the question is when Government will awake and take immediate notice.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )