KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain has stated in unequivocal terms that the MQM did not want division of Sindh and it wanted to develop harmony, brotherhood and unity among the people of the province.

"MQM is against division of Sindh," Altaf said while talking via telephone to the party workers who are engaged in preparations for MQM Convention "Strong Sindh, Prosperous Pakistan" scheduled to be held in Sukkur on January 27.

Members of the party's Interior Sindh Tanzimi Committee (ISTC) and the Sukkur Zone informed Altaf Hussain about the preparations being made for convention and the public fervour.

He said that MQM has been struggling for the rights of thepeople of Sindh, and it will continue to do so in future as well.

The parties who had called a strike against the 20thconstitutional amendment bill of his party paving the way for Hazara and Saraiki provinces had always compromised the rights of Sindh, he maintained.

Altaf Hussain said that those who do not want the Saraiki andHazara provinces, should come up with it publicly instead ofblaming his party for a bid to the division of Sindh.

The MQM is making practical efforts for the rights of theoppressed and downtrodden people, he said.

He added that his party has presented a bill for 20th constitutional amendment concerning the creation of Hazara and Saraiki provinces, but it has never spoken about the division of Sindh.

Altaf Hussain said that despite our clear stance on the issue,some elements were spreading hatred among the people of Sindh.

The intellectuals, columnists, journalists, students, youths,ulema, and people across different spheres of life must remainvigilant about the conspiracies to kindle the fire of hatred in Sindh,he added.

He asserted that the public convention of MQM in Sukkur will prove to be the most successful not only in the history of the province of Sindh but also of the country. He said it will become a landmark in the struggle for the rights of poor farmers, peasants, labourers and workers.

He said that said he was confident that the people of Sukkur would turn out in large numbers over his appeal for attending the convention.

Altaf expressed the hope that women would also attend the convention, and it will become the largest in terms of participation by women.

Altaf Hussain called upon the people of Sukkur and the adjoining areas to participate in the Sukkur convention on January 27 in large numbers. He appealed to them to listen to the MQM philosophy and manifesto and then decide about their future.

He praised the MQM office-bearers and workers for their untiring efforts in preparation of the event.