FAISALABAD: Criminals deprived people of cash, gold ornaments, mobile phones and eight motorcycles in 19 incidents in and around the city.

According to police, two robbers intercepted Javaid who was returning home after withdrawing Rs 750,000 from a local bank. The outlaws snatched the money at gunpoint and escaped while four batteries were stolen from the tower of Zakaur Rehman in Partab Nagar, and Adnan Munawwar was also deprived of cash and a mobile phone in the same locality.

Three bandits stormed into the house of Ejaz Ahmad in Street No.15 Civil Line and looted 8-tola gold ornaments, Rs 79,000 and other valuables and fled.

Four outlaws entered the house of Umar Javaid in A-Block Gulberg and looted two laptops, a camera and gold rings and bangles.

Five dacoits looted Rs 1 million in cash, Rado watches, a rifle, a gun and a pistol from the house of Ziaur Rehman in Rajay Wala Green View Colony while a motorcycle was snatched from Farman Ullah on Church Road.

The robbers deprived Muhammad Saleem of his motorcycle near Siddiqu Chowk while cash, gold jewelry and mobile phones were looted from the house of Muhammad Rehan Husian in Maqsood Abad, cash, golden ornaments and mobile phones from the house of Munawwar Husain in Chak No.263-RB, foreign currency, cash and gold jewelry from the house of Shehzad Husain in Chak No.267-RB, cash, golden ornaments and a wheel chair from the house of Sultan Mehmood in Chak No.263-RB.

Similarly, the robbers also stormed into the house of Shehzad in A-Block Gulistan Colony and looted cash and a motorcycle from there while Arshad was deprived of a motorbike in Khalid Abad.

In another incident, a motorcycle was also snatched from Tajammal Husain on Sargodha Road while a mini truck was stanched from driver Azhar Anwar Khan near Chak No.74-RB.

The outlaws snatched Rs 30,000 and a motorcycle from Shehbaz Farooq on ABC Road Gulifshan Colony, Rs 60,000 and golden jewelry from the house of Talib Husain in Chak No.453-GB, two motorcycles from Naseer Ahmad near Baghban Pura and another citizen near Tonga Chowk Noor Pur.

Police registered separate cases of thE incidents