I do not understand why the company like ALWAYS give commercial ads in TV to educated adult women’s when they have to use LALWAYS special pads ( special period days ) to remain comforts and satisfaction which last for 8 hours in a single day.

I must say shame on first the company itself ALWAYS and Second Religious Minister for allowing using ads which is not showing that Pakistan have any relationship with Islam or copying such type of ads from India or WEST. Third the women’s who working in this ads ( their parents or husband are totally shameless and no relationship with Islam )

In WEST there many ads shown in semi - nude or NUDE girls ( undergarments or cosmetics or PLAY BOY Magazine etc ads ) than why we do not copy such extend, all we knew that Islam have always restriction and does not allow such type of ads to protect or acts as mode girl which is totally against Islam. Why we do not copy ads from Iran how they are selling their products due to quality but never try to mislead or cheat own people by the support of glamour girl with music to attract the buyers? Such trend is introduce in Pakistan?

I must questioned from ALWAYS products before you donot in market or not introduce your products than women’s are NOT using pad for special period time I want to say during 1980 to 2000 period I do not come a cross a single ads which now a days ALWAYS products is running.

First I condemn and strong demand from the Minister of Islamic affairs including CHIEF MINISTER to stop such ads and no such type of ads could be appeared in our TV channel if we are Islamic Republic State as we claim too.

Than who will come next to run ads how adult womens to use BRA at what age, what is merits and demerits for using BRA etc, Any company dare in Pakistan to run such type of ads which is too shame even 9 years school boy of class IV standard knew why is ALWAYS pads is used?

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )