Stop killing Muslims in BURMA WHERE is UNO & Human Rights
I want to highlight the continues killing of innocent Burma Muslim community and force to get shelther in other safe place, the question is what reason you killing Muslims of Burma for getting what secret reward or gift from whom.

I have no idea what role Saudi Arabia assembles 34 Muslim country coalition to fight ‘terrorism which do not include key player Iraq Syria and Iran in their coalition. Why not this new coalition help Burma Muslim and save them from cruel people who want to kill them without any reason and media remain silent observer in this particular issue.

I must question form the head of UNO and Human Rights what you doing your efforts to help or save the innocent Burma Muslims or in directly encourage cruel people to do more devil act fearless and give assurance no question or punishment will be later awarded.

Please Muslim world leaders awake and took notice of this innocent killing if you late ( die ) than very high price you have to pay at GOD place for not supporting or raising voice for the safety of Muslim of BURMA that time no regret or influence will be helpful or keep away from God punishment.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )