Sharp increase in vegetable prices across Pakistan

Who responsible for increase of ONION but look the COMMISSIONER of Karachi or Price control department look helpless or powerless in this particular issue and instead of control the prices and enforce UNIFORM rates but it look traders are more powerful who can charge any price from the customer no one can stop or punish them.
More interesting to share official price of onion on July 23 was only Rs 20 to 22 per kg which has now increased to Rs 45 to 47 per kg. Interestingly, during this period of time no shortage of onions has been recorded anywhere in the country.

Despite all these facts, the rates of onions are on the rise which will start coming down after Eidul Azha. The consumption of onion, tomato, and other vegetables increases manifolds during Eid days. The hoarders and stockiest have well planned to make money while the farmers and the consumers are the losers.
Same way tomato prices also increased due to EID UL AZHA as no shortage or lost of its corps but the BLACK sheep traders enjoying more than double profits and Govt look as helpless or no courage to control the prices and introduce uniform prices for all cities in Pakistan.

I must say PAKISTAN is heaven for traders where they can make good profits and no rules apply to follow the Govt prices, if prices list available than only for display the selling prices and Govt prices have big margin but why Govt not interested to take immediate action against those black sheep traders and control the prices of ONION & tomato in Pakistan.

If Price Control Committee or Commissioner of Karachi succeed in control the prices of VEGETABLE like onion, tomato other more than middle class and salaried group people will be benefited instead of black sheep traders enjoys abnormal profits which Islam do not encourage and hate openly this margin of profit.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

ashfaq sharif