Overflow sewerage water from ZAINABIA HOUSE to Mudassar Terrace Karachi

I want to drawn the attention of KMC KWSB n Governor of Sind and invite all of them to come or depute their honest and sincere staff to see why DIRTY sewerage water often overflow in this particular area of SOLDIER BAZAR NO.2 KARACHI.

Today I observer that KWSB send its truck to suck the dirty sewerage water but they did partial jobs and gone and if you see than still road from ZAINBIA HOUSE to Mudassar Terrance is wet and dirty water of sewerage lying on road which creates problem for those specially who are passing through this road and living surrounding buildings.

Government of Sind only learn how to get tax from citizen on return do not giving the basic facility such as clean drinking water, sewerage system should be working properly and no water stay, no face load shedding, solve un employment, reduce the inflations and improve the transport systems.

Besides the overflow sewerage dirty water in our area the other place of SOLDIER BAZAR NO.1 where often dirty sewerage water stayed and creates problems for those who walk or ride bikes.

Do you all think in SOLDIER BAZAR Karachi no human beings in living WHEN the concern department will awake and take notice against own black sheep staff who do not performing job and wish to get whole month salary.

I still do not understudy why the sweeper do not clean the area first, they do not lift the whole garbage but took partial garbage and remaining keep in side line for whose attention or who will pick this garbage?

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )